Sunday, September 13, 2009

Life is about decisions

Life is about decisions. Says who? Maybe it was Charles Bukowski, Robert M. Pirsig or just Hank Moody. This summer i had an office in a fancy glassy office building in a former chip company in saxony. One day a bird crashed against the window fell down in the front garden and started his death struggle. In a split second i had a ride through 20 years of death struggling of OTHERS. In some cases i did everything to save a life, even if it took days and caused a lot of tears. Sometimes i just tried for minutes realizing that it was hopeless.
One cold winter night in the mid nineties i've seen a black dog with a stiff front leg. Getting him a sausage, convincing him to follow me home. He obviously appreciated the company and the offer for the night without complaining. The next morning i thought: hey you are a dog, lets do our morning walk. We went out and the dog started to leave me behind from the first moment. As he was free, without a rope, i just started talking to him, but finally he found a spot in the park to finally leave me and disappeared in the red rising sun.
More decisions to come ...


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