Sunday, September 13, 2009

Life is about decisions

Life is about decisions. Says who? Maybe it was Charles Bukowski, Robert M. Pirsig or just Hank Moody. This summer i had an office in a fancy glassy office building in a former chip company in saxony. One day a bird crashed against the window fell down in the front garden and started his death struggle. In a split second i had a ride through 20 years of death struggling of OTHERS. In some cases i did everything to save a life, even if it took days and caused a lot of tears. Sometimes i just tried for minutes realizing that it was hopeless.
One cold winter night in the mid nineties i've seen a black dog with a stiff front leg. Getting him a sausage, convincing him to follow me home. He obviously appreciated the company and the offer for the night without complaining. The next morning i thought: hey you are a dog, lets do our morning walk. We went out and the dog started to leave me behind from the first moment. As he was free, without a rope, i just started talking to him, but finally he found a spot in the park to finally leave me and disappeared in the red rising sun.
More decisions to come ...

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Its a funny taste of war

Actually there is NO serious discussion Germany about the JOB in Afghanistan.
Latest Top-Story:

To the German commander, it seemed to be a fortuitous target: More than 100 Taliban insurgents were gathering around two hijacked fuel tankers that had become stuck in the mud near this small farming village.

The grainy live video transmitted from an American F-15E fighter jet circling overhead, which was projected on a screen in a German tactical operations center four miles north of here, showed numerous black dots around the trucks -- each of them a thermal image of a human but without enough detail to confirm whether they were carrying weapons. An Afghan informant was on the phone with an intelligence officer at the center, however, insisting that everybody at the site was an insurgent, according to an account that German officers here provided to NATO officials.

Based largely on that informant's assessment, the commander ordered a 500-pound, satellite-guided bomb to be dropped on each truck early Friday.

--Washington Post 5th September 2009-- Thank you for these details...